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ANK Medical Technology Co.,Ltd has been a professional manufacturer & distribution of medical equipment since 2001. And the headquarters of ANK Group is located at the Shenzhen Anjia Industrial zone.

ANK Medical always aims to provide the cost-effective, reliable performance products. By collaborating with famous universities and organizations, ANK Medical has designed and manufactured the various medical equipments in Chinese market. The quality management system of ANK Medical is ISO13485 certified. Our products are also CE certified by MedCert Germany. We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system in our factory and all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment, which ensures that all our products can meet our customers’ quality requirements. Besides, ANK Medical has a considerable market share in Chinese domestic market and a growing increase in international market.

ANK Medical aims to build good business relationships with more international distributors and customers sincerely. We specialized in many kinds of medical device, as a result, even special orders can also be made here. ANK medical assures all wholesaler, dealers and clients to continue provide products with innovative design, reliable quality, competitive prices and rapid & effective customer service.


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